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Postcard Station
How do I create a postcard?
How can I find the URL to my postcard?

Postcard Tutorial
Welcome to Gifs.net postcard station. This tutorial will guide you through creating a free, fun animated postcard you can send to anyone in the world!

  You can navigate our website or search for an animation you would like to send to your recipient using the links on the left, or the search function at the top of every page.

  Once you have found an animation you would like to send, simply click on the Postcard button. You will then be taken to the Postcard Station where you can send the postcard to your recipient.

  Next, you only need to follow the steps and fill in the information as shown on the form and press preview to look at your new postcard. If everything looks correct, simply press Send Postcard to send your newly created e-card to your recipient! Feel free to send as many as you want!

Help Section
Have you created a postcard but can't find the URL? Simply enter your email address, your recipients email address and we will look it up for you!

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Recipient Email:

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